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Who I Am

Hi!  My name is April Hardy.  It's nice to meet you! 

Here's a brief description of the journey that brought me here...


When I was in high school, trauma was no stranger to me.  I was raped, held at gunpoint, stalked, chased, my house was broken into, my house caught on fire, someone stole and burned our truck, and etc.  I struggled with depression, an eating disorder, drinking, and other self-harm as a result.  In fact, at the time, I thought I lived in Hell on Earth.  I was on the Speech Team throughout my high school years and I used it as my platform - my voice.  I performed Poetry on Abuse and Persuasive speeches on Reporting Rape and Juvenile Rehabilitation VS Incarceration.  I also worked at youth camps during the summers, where I was selected to work with other teens who were going through hard things because I was good with them.  They were my people.  A couple of my friends called me "Miss Save the World" because I wanted to help people so badly.  I didn't want people to hurt like I did.       


During the year between high school and when I went to college, I managed the office of Angels Unaware, which worked with pregnant teens, and I volunteered helping the homeless.

Hi friends!

In college, I double majored in Psychology and Sociology for my Associate's Degree.  I also volunteered with Probation and Parole and I worked at a Domestic Violence Shelter.  I was known as "Mom" by my suite-mates because I was the care-taker.  I had a few defining experiences there.  For V-Day (Victim's Day) one year, we could decorate t-shirts to bring awareness to abuse.  I had put a poem on mine and then wrote the first names of everyone I could think of who had talked to me about abuse throughout my filled the shirt.  I was blown away and heartbroken.  Another defining experience there was an employee having her sister come from another state to talk with me about the abusive relationship she was in.  I was deeply humbled and I think of that woman to this day.       


After my time at that college, I moved back to my home state and became a Prison Corporal.  I met my ex-husband and ex-brother-in-law in the Department of Corrections training.  I loved that job, but quit when I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  


My next job was working for the Sheriff's Department as a 911 Dispatcher.  I vividly remember being on the line with a woman who had escaped from a domestic violence situation and gone for help.  She was hiding in a neighbor's apartment from him.  We sat there together waiting for the officer, for safety and security, to arrive.  I also remember a general feeling of "this again" from officers in regards to domestic disturbance calls (likely from repeated situations).  

After that, a whole lot of life happened and I found out that the Hell I thought I had lived through in high school was child's play compared to what could happen...Amplified stalking, threats to harm me and my children, threats to commit suicide, more rape, drug abuse, law enforcement surveillance, more break-ins, theft, child abuse, court, trauma therapy, etc...Many stories from these years are used in the book I am currently writing.     


At present, my Bachelor's Degree in Behavioral Science is in the works and I'm writing and connecting with hurting people all over the world.  


Connect with me on Twitter @aprilhardy01! 


Go to the Contact Me page to share your personal stories with me and to enter the email list for updates on book releases and other helpful info!

Check out the blog for information on topics like violence, abuse, stalking, and more!


Keep checking back here as I will keep adding information and articles to help you in your journey towards a better life!

What People Are Saying


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I just checked out your website. I love your strength and wisdom! The would and the domestic violence community needs people like yourself.  

- Mauri

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