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Make yourself comfortable and check out all of the resources I've collected.  If you have any resources to recommend, I would love to hear about them!  Email me on the contact me page. 


Stay safe! 

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Psychological Abuse Tactics List

Psychological abuse can be tricky, but when you know the tactics toxic people use, it can be pretty easy to  spot.  This list includes 49 tactics someone might use when psychologically abusing you.  To get it, just click on the button below.

Have You Watched

This Documentary on Netflix?

It's rare that we get to look at the inside of relationships that end in homicide.  American Murder: The Family Next Door offers an intimate look at the life and death of Shan'ann Watts and their daughters, Bella (4) and Celeste (3).  It also may provide some understanding of a situation where there was no violence, but the relationship still ended in murder.  


*Trigger warning* The documentary uses real footage of their lives.  It's one thing to watch a movie that is based on a true story.  It's something else altogether to watch the real people.  

In Case I'm Murdered Blog

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