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What is In Case I'm Murdered LLC? 

In Case I'm Murdered LLC provides help to women who are in danger from an ex, current, or wanna be romantic partner.  Many of these women are victims of domestic violence, but not all of them are, and many of them are being stalked.  These women either feel like their life is in danger or their lives have been threatened.  Some have even survived attempted murder.  We come along side them offering education and support.  We also make physical safety resources available through our partner store.    

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We Help Women Survive Scary Exes

Our Story

Even though April Hardy founded In Case I'm Murdered LLC, in 2024, it really began in 2012.  In 2012 her life and her kids' lives were in danger from her ex husband and an ex boyfriend at the same time.  It was necessary for her to study and learn in order to protect them. 


What she found was that most people didn't understand the problem of intimate partner homicide threat.  Many didn't believe that intimate partner murders really happened, except in extreme cases, somewhere else.  She also found that there weren't really any resources devoted to it.

She felt very alone and she was terrified, but she was able to pull bits and pieces of information from different places together to help her little family.  When she had survived the darkest period of her life, she decided to put what she had learned into a book.  That way, she reasoned, if they did end up killing her, it wouldn't be for nothing.  Other women could learn and be safe because of her research and experience.

As she wrote it, she unintentionally added another scary ex to her life.  In 2018, while being actively stalked, she published In Case I'm Murdered; What You Should Know About Stalking, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse, and How to Stay Safe in print and ebook formats.  In 2019, the audio version was published on Audible.     

She quickly figured out that it's one thing to write a book, it's something else to market it.  In fact, she kept running into a problem - most women weren't interested in learning about the topics in the book until they were already in danger. 


In 2020 April slowly began learning how to do YouTube.  She finally got some traction when she started teaching through real women's murder stories, but after a year of diving deep into the stories of murdered women, children, and even men, she felt like she had to do more!


She really wanted to create an online program for women whose lives are in danger, so that they could learn what they needed to have the best chance of surviving and protecting their little families.  Not only did she want them to survive, but she wanted them to not fall into the trap of another dangerous relationship like she did.  So she continued to learn.

Through that, the Surviving a Scary Ex Program was born.  April wants women to survive and thrive!  To that end, women are invited to utilize several tools:


Our Mission

Our goal is to have 5000 women take the quiz every year, to expose them to the reality of the danger that they're in, and then to help many of those women go on to take the trainings to learn what they need to know to become safer. 


While we can't guarantee that we can save a woman's life, we can give them the information that they need to have the best chance possible! 


Saving lives is our mission - both through preventing murder and also through preventing children from having to grow up as orphans.  Will you partner with us in this mission?

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