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I Was Here

Have you ever heard Beyonce’s song, I Was Here?  (If not, you should listen to it below.)  I cried when I listened to it for the first time.  I love it because it resonates with the need inside all of us to matter in this great big world.     

We created this page because each of you matters!  Out of the billions of people who have ever lived, only one of them is you. 


Few people possess the unique experience those of us who have survived abuse.  We have come out of the darkness alive - better, wiser and stronger.  In order for us to connect with each other, we urge you to share your stories here. 

No one can take your story. 

Help us help innumerable abused survivors and those who still cannot get out of it and see true light. There is hope and there is someone out there to help and listen. You can hide behind a pen name and it is okay. I bid you to take courage and share your stories. 


As you write, you heal. As you share, someone else heals. 

You matter!  Share YOUR story here.
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