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(originally posted March 30, 2018)

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone that reminded me how nice it is when someone else forgives me for things that I'm beating myself up for.  As I poured out my heart to them, they listened patiently and then told me what they thought I should do and never once condemned me.  Not once did I even catch judgment in their eye, it wasn't there.  This week I heard somewhere that while we might speak out loud an average of 600 words a day, in our minds we are capable of more like 1,800 words to ourselves, and generally self-talk is negative.  In fact, unless we actively TRY to make it positive, self-talk seems to be naturally negative.

        Today is Good Friday.  I have no idea why it was named good Friday, if not for the sacrifice on our behalf, but I want to make note of this.  First of all, it's my desire to not have a huge faith-based overtone on this site because it's not just Jesus followers who are likely to encounter violence in this world.  Violence is everywhere for everyone.  The information I will provide will be relevant and useful to you no matter what your religion or none.  I'm not judging you.  I just want to be able to keep you safe if I can and help you walk through the storm if I cannot keep you safe. 

        That being said, today was the day over 2,000 years ago that I believe Jesus endured horrible emotional and physical pain for your sake and mine because He believed we were worth it.  Not feeling worth it is something I think a huge portion of people deal with on a day to day basis.  We know what we've done and said, and we assume that we're to blame for more.  Many of us come from parents/families who told us (maybe still tell us) how unworthy we were/are.  Also yesterday, on her birthday, one of my daughter's friends' dad told his daughter that she is a whore.  It broke her heart and mine as well.  

     Believing that we are unworthy of love and safety keeps a lot of people in abusive relationships.  Because I believe that Jesus died on a cross believing you were worth it, I believe in you now too.  I want actual genuine love for you.  I want safety for you.  I want peace for you.  I believe that you are so worth it!  No matter what you have done or not done, no matter what you have said or not said, and no matter what judgments others have heaped on you, love gives grace.  Everyone screws up.  Everyone makes bad decisions at times. 

        Whether you are feeling bad today of your own accord or because someone else is telling you that you are worthless, you are valuable and there is hope.  Let's move forward together.


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