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Valentine Letter to Survivors

Dear Survivors,

You are here! You have survived! Happy Valentine’s day from my heart to yours!

We heal at different levels. Valentines, though commercialized to increase sales of goods and services, can be a trigger to most of us.

We once believed in our own fairy tale. Didn’t we? Instead of living out those dreams, we wake up from a nightmare. All the more reason to give yourself a pat on the back, as you appreciate how strong you are and how strong your self love is to get out of the situation!

Isn’t it worth celebrating Valentine’s Day for ourselves? We are alive! And we can revisit this blog as much as we need to in order to understand more, to heal faster, and to know that there are other women on the same boat as us.

We paddle hard and reach our destination of awareness and peace. We bring forth knowledge and encouragement to other women like us who are still suffering in silence. We have to do it for ourselves and for one another.

When I realized that April didn't have an entry in this blog about Valentine's Day, I felt compelled to write to you. I see how self love and self care can be part of Valentine's Day.

You don't have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate. Celebrate yourself! Celebrate how much you have survived, how far you've come! Celebrate that you never gave up! How can you treat yourself? Is a soak in a hot tub and a glass of red wine an option? Would you prefer a book in hand or a nice cup of coffee? Maybe you can paint your fingernails and toenails today? Whatever it is, do something to treat yourself. You really do deserve love and that whole love journey begins with you loving yourself first.

I am no therapist, but I have been a victim, and I speak from the heart. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all the survivors who may come across this post!

You are amazing and strong women!



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