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Valentine Letter to Myself

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Dear Self,

It's Valentine’s Day! I want to let you know that first person to appreciate and love you is you.

You once believed in the magical pursuit of having someone bring you flowers. Today, let’s wake up, smell the breeze, and appreciate the world around us. Let’s appreciate that even small weeds in the garden can rise back up after being crushed or stepped on. You are much greater than a weed! You are a beautiful rose!

This year, let Valentine’s Day be a celebration of freedom and of your self. You are definitely in a better place now! While others are out to have fancy dinners, you can choose to sit back and read a book or finish a glass of wine and recall all that you have been through so that you can appreciate how far you've come.

Give yourself a break and a gift you never had while in abusive or toxic relationships. The gift of awareness found in the Intimate Partner Violence Blog is free for all.

Peace of mind is a wonderful gift as well! Let this day be a reminder how beautiful life is after the storms in your life. Cheers to a peaceful celebration of self care and self love!



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